White Horse Picture

You would think that a white horse picture should be easy to spot, right? Well it turns out that true white is almost non-existent in horses. Did you know that most of the pictures of those that look that pristine color are really gray?

A truly white animal will have pink skin (and would lack pigmentation in the eyes). A gray, even though it may look light, will have dark or black skin. Many horses have truly white markings, but few are true albino.

On the picture above, you can see the pink skin on the nose, but if you look closely at the chest, it appears you can see some dark skin.

That fact doesn't change how stunning this steed is playing in the field.

This guy is a trusty beginner lesson horse that has taught scores of young students how to ride. If you look closely at his picture, you can see both pink and dark skin. He is most likely an Appaloosa breed or background.

This picture is of a gelding that is actually a Cremello, (opens in a new window) which is a different color caused by a double dilution of a gene. Cremello's have blue eyes.  The true absence of color would be an Albino. It doesn't really happen in the equine world due to genetic defects, they don't live very long.

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