Western Discipline

The western discipline includes many different sports and events.  Here are some of the events that are subjectively judged instead of being timed events. If you want to learn more about the rodeo and timed events, go to this page.


In Reining you follow a pattern set by the judges that changes each class. Reining involves running full tilt, rollbacks, flying lead changes, spins and sliding stops. It is sometimes referred to as “western dressage.” It shows all the moves a horse working cattle should have, but in the confines of the arena with no cattle present.

Western Pleasure

In Western pleasure classes you will walk, jog, and lope your horse. Sometimes the judge may ask for a hand gallop. In this discipline, the horse is to remain in control with minimal rein contact, a low head and very slow gaits. In the show ring, you'll find silver and lots of coordinating colors.

Trail Classes

In a western trail class there are obstacles in the arena that are similar to what you might find out on a hack. Riders in this discipline complete the different tasks such as opening and closing a gate, backing through a pattern, and crossing a bridge while being judged

Competitive Trail Riding

In this discipline the horse and rider follow a specified trail for a set distance from 6-30+ miles. Along the way there are obstacles and tasks that are judged. Competitive riding is open to both western and english riders. To learn more, check out this site.

Recreational and Trail Riding-Benefits of Riding Western

There are many fun and exciting western sports, but many who ride in western tack don’t show or compete in any discipline. They are recreational riders. Many are “weekend warriors” who hold full-time jobs in other occupations during the work week.

The western trail saddle offers comfort for both your steed and rider over long hours of rough terrain. It offers security for the rider, as well as the ability to keep day essentials like food and water in a horn or cantle bag that is tied to the saddle.

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