Treeless Western Saddle:
Unrestricted Movement For You and Your Equine Partner

A treeless western saddle offers unrestricted movement in the shoulder and spine. It does this by lacking the tree, or framework on which traditional saddles are built. Because of this it lacks the bars, which typically bear and distribute weight.

These models from my affiliate offer quality from great brands, as well as the freedom of movement you want for your partner. They also offer security and comfort for you.

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This treeless model comes in medium and wide widths, and multiple seat sizes. It also offers softee jockeys for your comfort. You'll also find a three way rigging.

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This treeless western barrel racing saddle offers ultimate comfort and security for you, and unrestricted movement for your horse. For those that desire to be as close as possible to their mount. Flashy choice of seat colors, too!

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