Tacking Up a Western Saddle:
Your Step-by-Step Guide, Part 2;

This is the second part of a tutorial on tacking up a western saddle. Now you will learn how to cinch up western style, using a knot to tie off the latigo.

If you just landed here, go here to review the first steps.

In this stage of tacking up, you'll flip the stirrup on the left side up and out of your way. Now you'll get started in learning how to cinch the western saddle.

  • The long strap that hangs from the left side of the saddle is called the latigo

  • Reach under the horse, and bring the cinch over
  • The cinch may have to be adjusted. If it has rings on it, you'll want those in the middle positioned between the two front legs.
  • To do this, you may have to adjust the buckle up or down on the right or off side.

Note: When tacking western, there are several ways to cinch. This is one that is well-known and easy to do on any saddle. 

  • Now bring the latigo back up to the top ring that it is connected to.

  • Take the end of the latigo and push it over and through the metal ring

  • From the side closest to the horse bring the latigo through the bottom cinch ring again.
  • Then come up through the top ring just like the picture before this one more time.

  • Next you will bring the end of the latigo around to the right and push it up through as shown.

Hint: You'll want to to put it rough side closest to you when threading through on the right, otherwise it will be twisted.

  • Now you'll take the free end and run it down through the loop you just made.

  • Then pull the knot tight like shown
  • When tacking up, only tighten the saddle enough to hold everything in place. Then move your horse around and then tighten it again.

  • When you are done tacking up your western saddle it should look about like this.
  • Now you are ready to do some groundwork and make sure your horse is ready to ride.
  • Then you can move on to bridling and get riding!

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