Roping Horse Pictures:
An Exciting Western Rodeo Sport

What do you think of these roping horse pictures? The speed, rope skill, accuracy, and timing as well as cooperation from your 1000lb equine partner make this a challenging western rodeo sport. 

There are two types of roping:

  • 1. Calf Roping which is offically called tie-down

Both of these pictures show calf roping. In this discipline you have 30 seconds or until the calf makes it past the barrier flag of the open back gate of the arena to

  • rope it,
  • jump off your horse, 
  • get the calf to the ground
  • and tie its feet together with one coil of rope.

The rider who is successful with the fastest time and least amount of time penalties wins. Penalties are incurred if the calf struggles free before six seconds of being tied.

These pictures both show the cowboy headed after the calf before he has thrown the rope.

  • 2. Team Roping

In team roping, two pairs of rider and mount race after a steer. First one rider called the header attempts to rope the cow by

1. Both Horns

2. One horn and the head

3. or around the neck

If he is successful, then the other rider will attempt to rope the back legs. This rider is called the heeler.

He must capture both legs. If he doesn't, the team gets a 5 second penalty. The team finishes when both ropes are taut. Check out the United States Team Roping Championship Page for more information.

The resounding favorite breed used in these western sports is the American Quarter Horse.

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