Riding Horses: An Experience Like No Other!

Riding horses is so much fun! There is nothing better than the wind in your face as you and your horse move as one! The power they have is so much stronger than our own, taking us to places we are unable reach alone.

Crashing Pebbles-First Time Riding A Horse

I have been a rider since I was 8 years old, so almost 25 years now! I guess that gives away my age. I won’t ever forget the first of many horse back riding lessons I took. I had been begging for three years for a riding lesson while driving by the local horse stable on my way to the dance classes my mom insisted I take. I never really did like dance, my heart wasn't in it. I dreamed of learning to ride a horse all day long!

When mom finally gave in to my request for riding lessons, I was riding for my very first time on a pony named Pebbles. Pebbles was a small POA (Pony of the Americas). She was brown with big white spots only on the top of her rump. She was probably in her 20's then and was well seasoned at teaching young riders like myself the fine art of how to ride a horse.

However, I was so worried I was going to make her crash! How funny is that? Crashing a horse! That shows you how little experience I had with horses! I remember the instructor telling me that the horse had a mind of its own. I soon found out all about that as she headed to the nearby hay stack to eat while I tried to coax her into the riding arena for my lesson instead.

A Distinct Group-Riders Are Unique

What is it that draws people to horses? I have heard a phrase that says;

  • “There are horse people and then there are other people.”

 Riding horses certainly seems to set us apart as a distinct group. Many people are in awe that we would want to attempt to ride and control something that is so much bigger than we are. Not only that, but to try to get it to follow our wishes on a daily basis, too. When you learn to ride horses, sometimes you even laugh when you get tossed off by accident.

I love the power and majesty of the horse. They are a noble creature, raw instinct and pure. They have the power to take us away from our everyday life and cares, yet at the same time keep us grounded in the present. There are many different reasons people are drawn to horses, what is yours?

First Time Riding

When you ride a horse for the first time, you probably won’t feel much beyond the butterflies of anticipation, sometimes the fear of perceived lack of control, and the sheer joy of the experience that draws you back for more. If you are headed out for your first ride which may be a horse riding rental you can check out more about how to act around horses both on the ground and in the saddle on my horse riding for beginners page.

Riding horses is an active process. That means riding is more than just sitting there and making the horse do all the work. Try to get a feel for the horses' movement and move your body subtly in tune with that. That is why learning to ride makes it that much more enjoyable. The second day after you ride you will feel muscles in your legs and rear that you never knew you had!

A Bad Horse Day?

Riding horses is fun in every form but bad days are bound to occur. Remember that they are horses and they do have minds and emotions of their own. Some days they may wake up on the wrong side of the corral. Sometimes your mood will get to your horse. That happens to people too, so be considerate of your horse and help him through whatever issue has come up. Remember, a bad day when you ride horses is generally better than a good day of school, work or house chores!

I wouldn’t trade being able to ride horses for anything. After 25 years I still can’t get enough time in the saddle. Learning to master how to ride horses well is a lifetime pursuit. The little girl in me is happy to oblige always saying “more, more, more.” I hope to be riding horses until I can’t get on the horse anymore! I know my horse will take care of me even then, because that is the special bond you can have when you are in love with horses!

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