Quarter Horse Pictures:
A Breed Synonymous With Western Riding

Check out these American Quarter Horse Pictures. This breed is famous for being the "cowboy's" horse. They are talented at many things such as:

  • ranch work
  • rodeo sports
  • roping
  • cutting
  • reining


  • racing!

In the two pictures above you can see some of the physical characteristics such as:

  • small ears
  • big jaw

and if you look at the second picture you'll see the classic bootie! This equine variety is also know for being

  • heavily muscled

with extremely powerful hindquarters.

How Was the Quarter Horse Named?

You would think that an animal that had so much history rooted in the western way of life would have had a name that reflected that heritage.

  • This type of equine is very fast in distances up to 1/4 or a quarter mile.

His heritage dates back to Colonial times, and they used to race the horses a quarter mile through town, usually down Main Street.

So, he is very fast, extremely agile and is named after the distance he is still most commonly raced today.

Colors and Breeding

If you look at all the pictures you can see that this breed comes in a variety of colors. There are 17 to be exact that are recognized by the AQHA.

  • The most common color is sorrel,

which is a reddish brown seen in two of the pictures above. The top one and third one down from the top of the page.

Directly below is a cremello, which is not as common, but very pretty.

Appendix QH

And here is an Appendix Quarter, which one that has more Thoroughbred in it's lineage.

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