A Picture Of a Horse
For Those Who Can't Get Enough!

A Picture of a horse is the sharing of our noble friend. They aren't just horses, they are partners. And those that love them want to lay eyes on as many as possible. Those that are truly smitten can spend hours gazing at pictures.

Check out the beautiful dun grazing in a field of yummy green grass. This is my horse. She is an Appaloosa that forgot to get some spots! She is registered though.

And here we have a black Rocky Mountain equine that is spending his hot summer day in the shade of the barn in a stall. He even has some toy noodles to keep him entertained. Most horses prefer to be outside, but in the height of summer they may appreciate a stall in the barn with a fan turned on high.

This picture is my sweet mare again. I couldn't resist. Here she is toughing out the humid Kentucky summer sun and sporting a fly mask to keep the nasty bugs off. It seems that bugs are worse in humid heat than in dry heat.

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