Pics of Horses:
A Gallery of Beautiful Pictures To Enjoy

This gallery with pics of horses will give you hundreds of photos to browse and enjoy.

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This is a colorful spotted equine. Come learn more about the history of this unique breed.

Arabian Pics

The most ancient and foundational types of horses.

Baby Horse Pictures

Foals and young horses capture our hearts with their frisky antics and cuteness of youth


Enjoy the beauty of this common but lovely color in the equine world

Beautiful Pictures

There is nothing more breathtaking than a beautiful horse pic. Here are several that will take your breath away.

Black Horses

You'll love these pics of horses of a popular color


The gentle giant of Super Bowl fame.

Cute Pics

Horses capture our hearts with the cute things they do. You'll love these cute pics.

Draft Horses

These large horses were developed to pull heavy loads from farm equipment to transportation vehicles


These stunning equines have been made famous in many movies and they capture the hearts of horse lovers everywhere still as the "fairytale" mount.


Often our equine friends will do things that will get us laughing. Check out these pics that will have your smiling.

Horseback Riding Pictures

Nothing beats mounting up and heading out with your equine partner. These pics capture the essence of that relationship.


This exciting english sport takes large amounts of skill and a lot of courage


A gallery of equine pics


Check out these pictures and learn a bit of the types of racing.

Flat Racing

The "Sport of Kings" where Thoroughbreds rule


Small bodies and big personality are the appeal of this type of horse.

Mustang Pictures

These relics of US history struggle to keep their place on American soil.


The paints are true color beauties of a stock type heritage

Picture of a Horse

Another gallery to browse


Bred to run a quarter mile this American breed is one of the most popular for the western disciplines


Check out these pics and learn a bit about the different types of roping.


As equine enthusiasts we love to watch their energy come up and the feel the energy of the run.


Truly "white" doesn't really exist in the horse world, but looks can be deceiving.

White II Gallery

More of these beauties

Wild Horses

Wild horses, or mustangs can inspire the wild in all of us. What is more inspiring than a stunning herd in the great wide open?

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