Paint Horse Picture:
Multi Colored Beauties

In this paint horse picture and the others you can see the diversity of colors and patterns found within this breed.  An animal eligible for registration is one with a proven specific lineage.

Many people don't truly know what a Paint is. 

Generally, people tend to think of them as just colors or patterns.

  • In fact, they have very specific bloodlines, a distinct body type, and they are a distinct breed.

According to the American Paint Horse Association or APHA, at least one parent must be a registered Paint, and the other a Registered Thoroughbred, or Quarter Horse. In addition, they must have certain percentage of white hair and have a stock-type body.

In contrast, Pintos are of many different bloodlines, body types (including minis), and backgrounds.

The mare in the first picture is a Palomino colored variation. As you can see, this guy has way more white, with just certain spots of brown.

Since a Paint has a stock body type, this breed is extremely popular in the western disciplines such as barrel racing, western pleasure, and roping.

The gelding above is yet another color combination possible in this type of equine.

This picture shows yet another variation of coloring. He is almost the inverse of the second picture, with far less white.

The Association recognizes multiple colors, but only three types of patterns; overo, tovero, and tobiano.

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