Natural Horse Training:
Firm Up Your Foundation

A typical obstacle in this type of training, the pedestal, builds confidence and trust that carries over to real world  tasks such as trailer loading, standing in a wash bay, and jumping.

Leadership, Trust, and Communication

Natural horse training is all about the strength of bond of trust and the relationship with equine partner.

Like traditional training, it aims to test how high of a level of communication you have with your partner. In this type of communication, the animal seeing and trusting you as his leader is paramount. These things are taught and refined in how you choose to interact with your horse in all situations, not just when you are riding.

A Common Language

Begin communicating with your equine partner in a language that he will understand, the body language another horse would use.

You will also take his very nature as an equine prey animal into account in your training on a regular basis. You earn credibility and leadership points with him and he starts to trust you and act like a partner. That is the big difference between traditional and the natural approach.

Modern Founders of the Natural Horse Training Revolution

Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt are two of the biggest contributors in the modern natural horse training revolution. Ray Hunt really brought the concept to the larger horse owning population.

Several of today’s big name natural trainers have studied under one or both of these men and a few others, taking what they learned making their own programs and even schools based around these same principles.

Psychology Based Horse Training

Using psychology to train a horse when done correctly is extremely effective.

You will learn to figure out what he is thinking and feeling by reading the cues in his body and observing his behavior. This training is about the rider learning to read the horse and use appropriate timing and cues to get the desired response. This process starts on the ground first, which is the safest place to learn and observe your horse.

A Solid Foundation On The Ground Leads To Success In The Saddle

When you have gotten a good foundation on the ground you then apply the same principles to riding with fabulous results!

You will be surprised how many of your common “issues” that you had  become non-issues because you fixed it on the ground using a method he easily understood.

When you gain a solid foundation, you will have a lot more fun and less headaches together in whatever discipline you choose. It can take more time than the traditional route, but isn’t a solid foundation and the relationship with your horse worth it?

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