American Mustang Horse Pictures:
Descendents of American History

These mustang horse pictures show the versatility and hardiness of the breed. These animals live in areas of the country that can often be difficult to exist in.

This mare shows the typical poor condition of the horses on the range. She appears to be in foal. Forage can be scarce. The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM gathers horses when the land gets beyond its capacity for the number of animals.

How these horses are handled during and after round up is a current subject of great debate. To see more pictures and read more about that go here.

Mustangs in the wild have to travel long distances daily in search of food and water. Because of the harshness of their living conditions they have extremely strong hooves and hardy dispositions.

Since horses are gathered off the range, many of them are adopted to the public. This picture shows a formerly wild mustang that is now trained and competing in an event called the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

In this event that travels to locations throughout the USA, trainers have just under 100 days to train the animal from capture to competition.

  • These mustangs are typically adopted out to new owners at the end of the event
  • Events like this allow more people the chance to own a mustang as not everyone has the skills to train a wild horse.

Mustangs like those found in these pictures make extremely smart, hardy, versatile mounts. They excel in many disciplines, both English and Western.

If you can't train one yourself, there are many organizations that offer starting and training services. Natural horseman and those that follow their principles in general tend to excel with training these horses.

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