Mini Horse Pictures:
A Small Breed That Will Steal Your Heart

You'll love these mini horse pictures!

Short for miniature horse, a mini is just that.

  • He is the result of hundreds of years of specialized breeding to make him identical to steeds we all know and love, except much smaller in size.

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When these horses were first brought to America from Europe, they had a job to do. Because of their size, they were used in ore mines to pull carts. Their small size allowed them to go through mining tunnels.

Exactly How Small is a Mini?

Look below to see the contrast between the two-

According to the AMHA or American Miniature Horse Association, the tallest acceptable height for registration is "34 inches measured from the last hairs of the mane. " They are not eligible for registration until they are three years old and still under the required height. (Source: AMHA website)

  • Just for comparison, the average riding horse is 15 hands high, or 60" tall at the withers and the mane hair is not counted at all.
  • That means a mini stands at 8.5 hands and under. (Each hand is equal to 4 inches)

One more option for registered mini horses is the American Miniature Horse Registry, or AMHR.

This organization offers two classes of registry:

A: For those 34" and under

B: For those 34-38".

  • So the largest registered mini would be 38 inches tall. Anything taller than that and they are considered a small pony.

What Color Can They Be?

Any color is acceptable for registration as a mini horse. As you can see from these pictures, they come in every coat color and pattern.

  • Mini's tend to get really wooly in the winter and sometimes require clipping. This gelding has been clipped from the top of the legs up.

Popular for Children and Driving

  • These horses make popular children's mounts because of their tiny size. 
  • They are very popular for driving

Too Cute to Resist!

These guys have the cute thing down to a fine science! Along with their pint size, they have tons of personality to match! Who can resist those cute faces in any of these pictures?

I hope you have enjoyed these mini horse pictures and learned a bit more about this wildly popular breed!

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