How to Saddle a Horse English:
Your Step-by-Step Guide, Part One

Learn how to saddle a horse english style by following these easy steps:

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First, you need to groom your horse to make sure he is clean and ready for the saddle.

  • Start by taking your saddle blanket and getting it organized. You can see the strap hanging down, those go at the front (closest to the horse's head). So get it ready to put on.The dirtier side touches horse!

  • Now place the saddle pad on the horse a up above his withers, and then slide it back until it is slightly in front of the withers. This picture shows the correct placement of the pad once you have slid it back. Placing the pad like this allows you to smooth the hairs the correct direction under the pad.

  • Then stand facing your horse's tail and grasp your saddle as shown here. As you can see, I have the lead rope draped over the crook of my elbow.

  • Now swing the saddle in one smooth motion up onto his back as you move your body to be facing forward towards his ears.

  • At this point it should now be placed on the horse's back as shown, sitting just at the withers.

Now you are ready to to attach the pad and girth up. Press the button below to move to the next step.

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