How to Groom a Horse:
Step by Step Instructions

Learning how to groom a horse is essential for anyone interested in learning how to ride. Not only does it make your equine pal look tons better, it also is good for his health and a chance for a great bonding experience, too.

In the wild, herd buddies will share this task. For our domestic equine partners, grooming is our responsibility.

  • In this tutorial, you'll learn the basics: How to curry and soft brush the horse, comb the mane and tail, and pick out the hooves.

How to Start Grooming: Currying

The first thing to do when grooming is to loosen up all the dirt and hair with a curry comb. Get ready to use your muscles!

Next You'll Move onto Soft Brushing

Now you'll begin grooming away all the loosened dirt and hair.

Third is Grooming the Face, Mane and Tail

If you want to avoid destroying your horse's beautiful mane and tail you'll want to learn how to properly groom his mane and tail.

Then Pick Out the Hooves

When learning how to groom, picking out the feet has the most potential for danger for the handler. Learn how to pick hooves safely and efficiently.

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