How to Draw Horses- A Simple Line Drawing Tutorial

When learning how to draw horses using geometric shapes is an easy way to get the basic shape down on paper.

These are the first steps in a three page series that will guide you through the process of drawing a running horse.

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Since most people are familiar with and can duplicate ellipses, triangles and other shapes, it gives you a good place to start for shaping horses on paper.

  • This makes it easier because you won’t have to draw a whole body outline first.

Step 1: Draw Four Circles and a Line

start drawing a running horse by using two ellipses for the body

(i) The two bigger ones on the right will be the front of the neck, barrel and the smaller of those two is the hindquarters.

  • Notice the placement. The smaller circle is about 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the larger one.

(ii) The two smaller ones to the left will be the top of the head and nose/muzzle.

  • The larger of those two is the top of the horses head, and the bottom part of that one will become the cheekbone
  • Keep them lined up and not too far apart for the ratio of the head you want to convey.

(iii) Draw a horizontal line near the bottom of the paper as shown above as a guide for the lower legs

Keep all the shapes you draw for horses in these steps light because you are going to erase most of them later.

Step 2: Join the Ellipses and Start the Legs Using Triangles

(i) Draw some straight strokes to connect the face circles

  • You can fix the exact shape later. Right now you are just getting a basic shape.

(ii) Draw the neck

  • Now do the same to connect the top of the head with the large body circle.

(iii) Form the back and belly by drawing two slightly curved lines as shown between the two large body ellipses.

(iv) Time to start the horses legs with triangles

When learning how to draw horses, the legs being in motion can a be bit harder so this makes it easier.

  • For the front ones start the long end of the triangle in about the middle of the front body shape as shown

Notice that the triangle is slightly offset to the left, it isn't quite straight up and down.

  • Back legs you'll do the same

This time it is slightly smaller and offset to the right to show that the rear legs will be towards the back of the body.

For both of these triangles you are working on the upper part of the legs.

  • The bottoms of both should be about halfway to your horizontal line

(v) Now draw a line to connect those two triangles

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