Horseback Riding Books to Read

There is no shortage of horseback riding books out there. From care and training, english riding basics to western riding lessons and exercises, you can find anything! Maybe you would prefer a fiction novel based all around horses?

Are you looking for information on the basics of horseback riding? Consider Horseback Riding for Dummies! Are you interested in learning about careers with horses? There is a book for that, too! Most books can be bought online and some may be carried at your local library. It can almost be overwhelming to look at all the books out there for horse owners and horseback riders. Let’s break it down into some of the most common categories of horseback riding books. That way you can find what you are looking for.

horseback riding books


Want to improve your riding technique?

Many of the top professional horse trainers and instructors have written books to help you do just that. You can start with horse riding basics and them move on to learning about the perfect seat for dressage or how to ride a perfect reining pattern.

These books can cover very basic riding, as well as advanced topics. While these books won’t ever replace quality lessons on your horse from a qualified instructor, they can virtually be like getting a leg up with a free horseback riding lesson and tips from a top-ranked professional!

Horse Care

There are many different approaches to the care of horses. From a natural horse care program to a more traditional one, there is no shortage of opinions out there on everything from fly sprays to turnout schedules.

What about the best de-worming rotations? There is information on topics such as proper hoof and farrier care, feeding programs, what types of feed horses require for different performance levels, and equine first aid.

Reading more than one horse care book will help you broaden your knowledge of horse keeping practices and horse husbandry.


One of the most popular categories for horseback riding books is training. From western style to driving, these books can help advance your training with your horse in any discipline. They can also broaden your knowledge about other disciplines you may be interested in. They add perspective from different training styles.

There are many good trainers out there that have a specific method you can follow, or have written about the principles for their training. Reading about more than one trainer will help you see common themes in different training styles. Then you can see what works best for you. This will help you be a well-rounded horse trainer and give you more options when training a horse.

First Time Horse Owners

This category of horseback riding books is geared towards those that are interested in or have just bought their first horse. Topics may include how to

  • select the right horse,
  • select a boarding barn or land to keep the horse,
  • find a trainer,
  • basic horse handling skills,
  • riding,
  • equine nutrition,
  • basic hoof information, and
  • common illnesses of the horse.

If you don’t know much about horses yet, but love them this is the right category for you. These book are great for starting out in learning more about how to care for and ride a horse.

Farm and Ranch

If you want to keep your horse on your land or you are thinking of building a barn and boarding horses, then this category of books is right for you. You can learn about different construction materials and barn types, fencing selection and installation, as well as layout and design to best use your property. These books also cover design of electricity, watering, and other land usage topics. There are books specifically for designing and running your own farm on smaller acreage!

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