The Next Step in the Horse Treat Recipe Instructions
Adding the Molasses Correctly and Mixing

In this horse treat recipe instructional, so far you've done all the prep work of gathering and adding the ingredients to the mixing bowl except all of the molasses. You should be on the end of step 3, which was adding the first bit of the molasses.

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4. Mix In the Sorghum Added in Step 3

Now you will begin to mix all the ingredients together including the molasses with with a large wooden spoon.

The recipe calls for 1/2-3/4 cup, and this is where you'll need to use your judgement as indicated by the process below.

  • Be ready for a workout for your arms and shoulders!

  • The spoon doesn't have to be wood, but it does have to be sturdy. This batter is very thick and gooey.

  • You can use an electric mixer but beware. If you have doubled the batch or have only a hand mixer it may be hard on the motor. You'll also want to make sure you don't run it on too high of a speed.

Here you can see the type of spoon I like to use:

Here you can see the ingredients starting to be combined.

  • You'll notice at this point when mixing like the picture below, that the batter is probably still pretty dry. That's OK. The point is to underdo the thick, sticky stuff and add it gradually.

Now repeat the process. Add a bit more, and then mix it all together again.

The trick to this horse treat recipe is getting the right amount of molasses and baking it properly. Add and mix it a little at a time.

  • If you add too much, the batter will be way too gooey and stick really bad to the pan.
  • If you don't mix in enough they will turn out too dry and crumble into pieces.
  • The type of flour and the moisture level of the carrots will play into how much you'll need.

Hint: You may need to add a small amount of water to get the right consistency without making the treat batter too sticky

Here is about what your treat batter should look like when it is ready for the next step in the recipe where you will drop it in the pan to be baked.

  • You will have moistened the dry ingredients sufficiently enough to make a moist and thick consistency without it being too gooey.

Time to turn it into a treat in the oven. Click the button below to move on.

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