Horse Training DVDs:
Jump Start Your Knowledge Base

Horse training DVDs are one of the most affordable ways to learn about how to train a horse. These horse training videos can offer you a variety of horseback riding tips and techniques from top notch trainers in every discipline.

This will expose you to a variety of horse training methods from natural horsemanship to cutting horse training. Overall, this will increase your knowledge and help make you a well-rounded horse trainer.

Train Horses From Your Living Room Couch?


From the comfort of your living room you can experience virtual horseback riding lessons from expert famous trainers on subjects such as

In some cases you can watch all these without having to buy them.

  • Many sets are available as horse training DVD rentals for a low monthly fee.
  • Ask around to your horse friends and see if anyone has something you are interested in learning on video and borrow it.

It doesn’t get much better than that for being able to sample a variety of topics in equine behavior and learning new techniques.

See A Technique, Then Go Practice It

horse training videos

Horseback riding books offer information in a very practical format. Some include diagrams or pullout charts

Horse training DVDs offer a unique experience because you can see how a particular method, exercise or technique works in real time.

Training DVD sets can include

  • how to do a specific exercise correctly
  • The exercise done by a horse already schooled in that exercise

followed by

  • A horse that has never attempted or schooled it before

It is very helpful as a learner to see the desired outcome of the training as well as

  • common pitfalls the trainer may run into.

This is helpful because on a DVD you can see how a horse may react. This will give you a chance to

  • learn how to correct any common mistakes for the exercise
  • anticipate negative reactions and how to correct them before your horse is in the mix
  • keep yourself safe

If You Are Stuck, You’ll Still Need a Professional

best horse trainers

While horse training dvds offer a variety of information, they are not a substitute for real riding lessons or help from a qualified horseback riding instructor or trainer.

While a DVD may give you information on proper form or a certain technique you may want to try, an instructor can offer you instant feedback on your riding and technique with your horse.

An instructor with a trained eye can also see things that you may not be able to feel or you cannot fix alone. If your problem is severe, horse training DVDs are probably not the way to go.

In my training tips article I recommend that you always gain an outside expert opinion when needed. It is too easy to get wrapped up in your situation and not be able to see the forest through the trees!

Proceed With Caution and Good Judgement

You can learn a lot from horse training DVD's on your own. I would like to extend a word of caution especially if you are a first time horse owner, inexperienced rider or new to training a horse. Please be careful and use common sense when trying new horse training techniques.

The last thing you want to do is go out and try something new only to get hurt.

Getting hurt will set you back days to months from your goals. Make sure that your horse is fit and sound enough to handle the additional work.

As an example if you are getting your horse off a three month pasture break and then attempting to try dressage right away because you watched a dressage training video, you are setting yourself and your horse up for potential injury and disappointment.

Always introduce new training gradually, in line with your skill level, and progressively to avoid injury and a sour attitude!

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