Horse Drawings

Horse drawings allow you to enjoy our equine friends through artistic expression when you can't be with them. If you love horses, it's natural to want to surround your life with them however you can, even when you can't be at the barn.

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For the Beginner; Horse Coloring Pages

Not ready to draw your own yet? Why not start a little easier with these fun coloring pages? Includes full size downloadable (.pdf) of a grazing horse, rider carrying a flag, and barn with western saddle just for you!

Get Started: Try Simple Line Drawings

You can learn to draw! If you haven't ever tried this before, don't despair.

  • You will find step by step instructions to help you finish a simple picture of a running equine.

No shading or hard techniques needed! As the name implies, everything is done using simple lines. This is a great place to start for those seeking an easy project or who haven't tried drawing before.

It doesn't come out as real looking as other techniques, but it isn't as hard and precise, either.

Learn How to Draw, Realistically

Horse drawings done realistically with shading can be hard to master. If you are more experienced drawing horses, or you are up for more of a challenge try this tutorial.

I break it down into easy, understandable steps and include information on the basic shading techniques you will be using in this series.

Spice Things Up! Learn to Draw a Cartoon Horse!

Horses pull some funny and sometimes naughty antics! Isn't that one of the things we love about them? Why not capture and exaggerate their personality and quirks by learning to draw them in cartoon form?

I show you the steps using shapes that are easy to draw. There is no need to be exact here. Cartoon horses don't have to be perfect or as proportional as a traditional drawing.

Try it, I think you will like it!

Get More Detailed - Try a Horse Head Drawing

In this tutorial I show you how to tackle even more details by focusing on one area: The head and neck.

Starting out you'll use Geometrical shapes to block out the proportions and work from there, ending using shading to make it appear real.

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