Horse Drawing - Start Here to Learn How

When first starting your horse drawing you'll need to get the general idea of what he will look like. An easy way to do this is to use lines and shapes to give you a rough draft.

If you would like an overview of this drawing process first, scroll down and click on "tutorial beginning."

One: Use Egg Shapes to Form the Body

(i) Make two eggs like above with their narrower ends facing each other.

See, you can draw that, right?

These two shapes in this horse drawing will form the basis of the body. The one on the left is for the hindquarters, the one on the right will become the front end of the horse.

  • Hint- You should only mark lightly because later you will get rid of them. Keep that in mind for everything on this page.

Two: Draw Three Triangles for the Legs and Neck

(i) Next, make three triangles as shown above.

There are two thigh triangles. One for the front leg and one for the back leg. the hindquarter one should be a bit bigger.

As you can see, the neck triangle is a bit more narrow and long. This represents the length of the neck.

  • Hint- No need to draw them perfectly, rough shapes are just fine. We are getting the foundation of our drawing of a horse.

Three: Add the Face, Legs, and Hooves

Ok, so we have obviously added a lot now so let's go through it all piece by piece.

(i) Make lines and circles for legs as shown

The straight lines represent where the legs will be. You can see they are straighter at the top and then near the bottoms they will have a bit of an angle to represent the fetlock joint near the hoof.

The circles in front are the knee joints

The circles in back will become the hock joints.

(ii) Draw the Hooves

These will be simple squares or almost triangles with the front edge pointed

(iii) Now a triangle that tapers towards the bottom for the face.

Don't make it a true triangle. You'll want a more rounded edge where the nose will be.

(iiii) Now make a rough circle for the horse’s muzzle (nose) on the edge of the face triangle that you left more rounded

See that? Now you've got a whole body shape for your horse drawing!

Let's move on to our outline by clicking "Next Step of Tutorial" below. Or if you want to go back to the overview you can do that, too.

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