Making Horse Cookies, Time for The Oven!
Sweet Goodness your Mount will Enjoy

Baking homemade horse cookies shows your favorite equine partner how much you love and appreciate him.

In this series you should be on step 5. You are now ready to drop the batter into a mini muffin pan or onto a cookie sheet.

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5. Grease the Pan

Time to get some corn oil on a paper towel or a basting brush and coat the wells in the mini muffin pan.

You can use a cookie sheet, but your cookies won't be perfectly formed like store bought ones. Luckily, your horse doesn't care much what they look like!

6. Drop Batter into Pan

This is where your small melon baller or spoon comes in.

  1. Lightly oil it so the batter doesn't stick.
  2. Fill spoon with batter and scrape it flat on the side of the bowl
  3. Drop batter into individual wells that you oiled like shown below

After you've dropped all the dough, take your lightly greased fingers and flatten them like shown below.

  • When you flatten the dough it will bake into more of a disc shape. You don't have to do this if you don't mind the horse cookies being more rounded.

7. Bake Them

Now into the oven they go!

  • Be careful when you are working near the oven, it's really hot.

  • Bake at 400 degrees F for 14 minutes. You may have to adjust the time slightly depending on your oven

Now you wait for your horse cookies to bake. Be ready for your kitchen to smell like molasses! :)

As always, you can go back and review the last step if you want to. Or if you're ready, move on. You're almost done.

  • Next you will cool and learn how to store them.