Horse Cookie Recipes - Finish, Cool, and Store Your Treats

This recipe is the best of the best in horse cookie recipes and that is why I am sharing it with you.

Time to finish these cookies and take your treat to the barn! If you just joined in you'll want to click below to get started or you can visit this page and scroll down for the recipe.

8. Remove From the Oven

Carefully remove the pan from the oven using a hot pad.

This is what your cookies should look like.

They will still be soft because they are very hot. As they cool, they will become a bit more crispy.

  • You are looking for them to have slightly brown edges

9. After a Minute or So Take Them Out of the Pan

Use a fork and pop each horse cookie out to a wire cooling rack.

This is not the best tool for non-stick pans because it is metal. Because these types of recipes are naturally pretty sticky I designate a mini muffin pan as "horse cookie" recipes pan. If you can't do that, you may want to try using something else that won't scratch the surface.

10. Let them Cool

Next you will let them cool. You want them at room temperature before you store them.

  • This allows any excess moisture to dry out so they don't mold.
  • Recipes like this one tend to last a long time if kept in an airtight container

11. Store Them Properly

After they have cooled you'll want to keep them fresh. If you make a single batch it will make about 30 treats. They won't last long so you can put them in a zipper bag to keep them fresh.

If you decide to make them often, double the batch, or want to keep them at the barn you will want to invest in a heavy duty cereal storage container. They are rodent and bug proof so you can store keep it at the barn.

  • A zipper bag won't last with critters around. I tried it and it got invaded with ants and mice.

  • Horse cookie recipes can be exact but I've found if I pay attention and adjust ingredients and cook times slightly then they will turn out better.

I hope you have enjoyed learning to make this type of horse cookie. You may want to check out this article as treats are common to reward your horse with this type of training.

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