Horse Anatomy
A Look Inside the Structure and Function of the Body

Horse Anatomy can be a fascinating subject for those who decide to take the time learn more about it. In the pages below you will find information about the structure and function of the equine body.

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  • If you enjoy horseback riding you'll find helpful information that is anatomy based to help you learn and communicate better with fellow riders or professionals.
  • You will also find tips that increase your understanding of horsemanship and horseback riding from a different perspective.

Basic Hoof Parts - If you are just getting started with horses, this is a great place to begin. Basic parts of the all important hoof that you can easily learn and apply at your riding lesson or just because!

Detailed Hoof- You will find more in-depth information about hoof structure and function and discover about the sensitive and insensitive structures of the hoof.

Forelimb Anatomy- The forelimb is mainly for helping move the body along and supporting the weight of the front of the body. Find out more about some of the muscles, bones and functions.

Rear Leg and Pelvis - The hind end is the propelling force and powerhouse of the horse. On this page you will learn the basic parts, see some of the powerful hindquarter muscles, and detailed skeletal structure.

Diagrams- Printable introduction to equine directional terms and the superficial muscles of the horse. Also an introduction to skeletal structure.

Parts of the Horse- Another great beginners page if you aren't familiar with the basic parts of the body. From ears to hoof it is all there. Free printable copy.

Bony Landmarks- Discover some of the anatomy as it relates to the bony landmarks and where to look for them.

Skeletal Anatomy-A look inside the structure and function of the entire skeleton as well as bones

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