Make Homemade Horse Treats!
You Can Learn How by Following These Easy Steps

Ever wanted to try making homemade horse treats? Now it's easy because I have laid out my favorite equine approved recipe just for you in this step by step guide.

Whether you want to spoil your pony or you use them for training, your mount will thank you when you bring these treats to the barn.

1. Gather What You'll Need and Start Prep Work

In this step you'll gather your ingredients and start the prep work.

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2. Start Adding Ingredients

Making homemade treats is easier than cooking for people. You'll keep it simple. While I have guidelines for amounts of ingredients, be sure to read the instructions so you can make them perfect the first time.

3. Finish Mixing and Get Your Batter Just Right

This is probably the trickiest step. Molasses is sticky and if you add too much your cookies won't turn out well. Don't worry though, I will show you how to get just the right amount.

4. Into the Oven

To get your treats just right now you'll grease the pan, form the batter and get them into the oven.

5. Finish Cooking, Cooling and Storage

The last part will be to remove them from the oven, cool and then store properly.

After you finish this step you're ready to take your homemade creations to the barn for your favorite steed to enjoy!

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