Funny Horse Pictures
Put a Smile on Your Face!

Here are some funny horse pictures to brighten your day. Our equine friends may not share our sense of humor directly, but we can find laughter in many of their antics! On this page I share some funny moments that I have caught on camera with some of the horses I know.

This is my very favorite partner, Duck. She is my personal horse. She is an Appaloosa with a nose that will get into anything! In this case she was checking out the camera. Her funny antics are never ending, but this time I caught the picture just right. It really captures her quirky personality!

This is my friend's equine buddy, Tucker. He is a Kentucky Mountain breed and he loves to play! As you can see, he really knows how to kick up his heels and have a great time! Maybe you have a partner like this? They are usually the first one to greet you at the gate saying "pick me, pick me!" He also likes to escape from his pasture and loves to get out on the trail.

This is a driving pony and her nickname is pony. She stands about 10 hands high. She may be little, but her yawn sure is big! This funny picture was taken after she had been working pretty hard and been unbridled and unhitched from her cart.

This is Lucky. She is a Rocky Mountain which is a gaited breed. Talk about a Diva! I've never seen an animal that likes to pose as much as she does! This is one of many pictures I have of Lucky, because the camera simply loves her!

I hope you enjoyed these funny pictures of our ever entertaining equine friends. You may also want to check out some of my other pages by clicking below.

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