Captivating Friesian Horse Pictures:
The Equine Super Model Breed

You'll love these Friesian Horse Pictures. Their name is commonly misspelled as "Fresian." No matter the spelling, you are sure to become entranced with their looks.

This breed is an equine super model.

  • They have show-stopping good looks, high stepping gaits, and extreme versatility.

Originating in Holland, the Friesian is highly sought after in many countries, including the USA.

Beauty and brains don't come cheap. These animals start at about $10,000USD for a foal, and tens of thousands more for one with training and a proven history.

  • They are fairytale horse frequently seen in movies with one title being "Lady Hawk".

In the USA you can register mounts that have at least 50% verifiable Friesian blood. These crosses can be a bit more affordable. Frequent crosses are found with Arabians, Paints, Morgans, and others.

Characteristics of the Friesian


  • True jet black coat. (Click here to see other pictures of different breeds of black horses.)
  • Heavy feathering on the legs (the long hairs that grow out by the fetlocks and pasterns.)
  • High stepping and animated gaits
  • They are judged at events called 'Keurigs', and only the finest horses become breeding stock.


  • They are very versatile.
  • In disciplines from competitive driving, dressage, to trail riding these horses excel
  • They are extremely smart

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. They are truly a wonderfully talented breed that many equestrians aspire to own or ride.

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