Draw a Horse - Finishing the Steps

When you draw a horse, adding most of the details comes last. By now you have already gotten the basic shape, outline, and added the mane and tail.

Now you will finish up your drawing of horse in the cartoon style. If you have been following along you are on step seven in this series.

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Seven: Draw Muscle Definition and Hooves

(i) Add lines as shown to the chest to indicate its contours.

(ii) Draw the belly to add dimension

You can see it is two curved lines that meet in an upward facing point near where the top of the back leg and almost to the outline of the hindquarters. You will color or shade this part later.

(iii) Draw the hooves

Again, the shapes in a cartoon drawing only need to be approximate.

Eight: Add Colors or Shading

(i) Add light shading or color to the muzzle, insides of ears, and belly.

(ii) Fill in the hooves, mane, tail and forelock with darker shading or the color of your choice.

Now you are all finished.

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