Learn to Draw a Cartoon Horse and Have Some Fun!
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It can be a lot of fun to draw a cartoon horse like this one.

This is my sweetie named Duck, in cartoon form.

See her green eyes and pretty eyelashes? Yep, she's a bit of a diva. These kinds of comical embellishments add character to a horse you already know or let you create a new one when you draw.

You don't have to stick to perfect proportions in a cartoon, making this tutorial simple to try.

This kind of drawing is just the place to bring your imagination to life, adding fun and silliness!

Here is an overview of what you'll want to do to make your own.

Getting Started: Use Figures to Get a Basic Body Shape

In this first step you will use ordinary shapes and lines to create a basic profile

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Next You Will Work to Draw the Outline

For this next step you will work on getting the outline done. You will remove the parts of the shapes you don't need, too.

In the Last Part You Will Draw More Details and Color It

This is the enjoyable part! Add some unique details to your cartoon drawing and color it just how you'd like to.

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