Clydesdale Horse Pictures:
A Cold Blooded Beauty

In these Clydesdale horse pictures you can see the breed that any person who has seen the Super Bowl and its commercials would instantly recognize.

Although famous with the largest number of this breed found in the USA, the Clydesdale originated in Scotland.

Bred in present day Lanarkshire and named for the nearby River Clyde, this powerful animal is prized for a high stepping gait and its massive size.

  • These pictures don't do their size and beauty justice. They are not clunky, but elegant animals for their size.

  • The average height of this massive equine is between 16-18 hands, although 19 hands is not uncommon.
  • Full grown they weigh between 1600-2400 pounds!
  • A draft horse originally bred for hauling loads around town this mount can be found in show jumping, dressage and other equine sports.
  • I don't know about you, but I find the thought of possibly falling from 18+ hands a bit intimidating!
  • When crossed with other lighter breeds many of these steeds go on to compete at the top of their discipline
  • With the newer eco-friendly world, they are again being used for work where tractors can't or shouldn't be

As you can see in all of these pictures, the bay color with white facial and leg markings is the most recognizable color of the Clydesdale.

Other colors are allowed, and roan (colored coat with white hairs blended in) is very common.

These gentle giants have been bred through the generations with an emphasis on quality hooves that are large enough for their proportions. It is said their average shoe is the size of a dinner plate! (Source: Clydesdale Breeders of the USA)

The Clydesdale is truly a beautiful animal to enjoy. Hopefully these pictures have brought you a bit closer to these gentle giants of the horse world.

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