Chris Cox Horsemanship:
A Program For a Solid Foundation

The Chris Cox Horsemanship program is a popular natural horse training method developed and taught by three time Road To The Horse champion Chris Cox. By his own account, Chris has been riding horses “since before he was able to walk.”

Body Language is Key

Like other popular natural horsemanship trainers, Chris is able to read the body language of the horse to influence his training. He states that he “looks at the horse just like a person,” just one that doesn’t talk to communicate.

He is very adamant in using body language and expression to read the horse. This is the foundation for horsemanship programs of this type and it is very effective when done correctly.

An Example of Great Horsemanship

For instance, in one Chris Cox DVD about catching horses, Chris talks about a first warning and a second warning. He says the first warning when catching a horse is when the horse thinks about leaving you mentally. You may see his ear or head move away from you.

The second warning is when the message to leave gets to the feet and the horse physically moves away. Many people wouldn’t notice the first warning unless like in Chris’s program, they were taught to. It is the subtle things like that example that are the difference between someone that rides horses and a true horseman.

A Step by Step Program

Chris Cox Horsemanship sets up a detailed, step-by step program to be followed in order which will teach you how to put a solid foundation of training on your horse.

Chris helps students find success by setting up specific exercises for the horse. While doing the exercises the handler will be setting the horse up for success by having him think through things.

A Willing and Obedient Partner-Not a Mechanical Robot

Chris Cox horse training strives to have a willing, obedient partner, not a mechanical robot. Chris warns against working a horse mechanically because it can make a horse dull and expressionless.

Have you ever seen a horse that had been worked so repetitively it had a nasty expression on its face about almost everything? A bad attitude can be rooted in too repetitive or dull of a training program as well as working a horse mechanically.

Chris Cox Horsemanship Will Work for All Levels of Riders

Chris Cox is a horse trainer who’s interests in competition are mainly colt starting and western horse riding events such as team roping and cutting. His horsemanship program however, is suited for all ages and abilities of riders and will apply to any discipline.

Educational Material

Chris sells his own line of horse training DVD’s such as home study courses like his instructional course programs as well as individual DVD’s on topics like handling the young foal, colt starting, preparing for the farrier, riding with your legs, and creating the natural headset. He also has a horse training book called Ride the Journey which was published by Western Horseman.

Be Intense-Take a Clinic At Chris’s Ranch

Chris Cox Horsemanship offers instructional horse clinics which allow riders to advance their horsemanship quickly. His farm is located in Mineral Wells, Texas. Chris Cox Horsemanship offers a tour stop seminar type learning experience at his “Ride The Journey” tours with stops all across the US and some other countries.

Tack and Equipment

Along with Clinics and Ride The Journey Tour Stops, Chris Cox Horsemanship offers tack and other equipment to buy. For instance in his training program the only special equipment he recommends is his rope horse training halter with an attached 13ft lead. His halter is different from some other trainers because it has no hardware at all and the lead is tied on and does not come off.

Horses for Sale

Chris Cox has horses trained by him and under his program for sale. These horses range from great horses with a solid foundation for trail riding to western performance horses.

Ride the Journey Membership

Like other popular horse training clinicians, Chris has a paid subscription members’ site. His Ride The Journey membership offers tons of natural horse training tips, discounts on products, access to video training materials such as his RFD-TV shows and material made just for members.

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