Cartoon Horse
Get Started Drawing Your Own

A cartoon horse can be inspired by your real equine friend or a pure figment of your imagination. To create your own, follow this easy tutorial.

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Now, let's get started.

Step One: Use Shapes You Already Know to Get The Basics

(i) Start by drawing three ellipses like these.

The top one will become the face.

Of the two that overlap, the more narrow one will be the forward part of the body. The rounder one will be the backside.

Step Two: Form the Neck and Legs

(i) Add two lines for the neck

You can see the one is shorter as he is facing towards you.

(ii) Add five straight lines for the legs

Three for the frontal side, one line will be the inside border of each leg.

Since this is a cartoon with the body mostly facing us, the other hind leg won't be drawn as it would be covered by the front legs.

Notice that the outside lines taper in slightly to represent the leg getting narrower going down towards the hoof.

Step Three: Remove Unwanted Parts of The Shapes

(i) Start by erasing the top of the big front circle where the neck joins the body

(ii) Then erase the part of that same circle where the front legs join in at the chest

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