Bridling a Horse:
Your Step-by-Step Guide, Part Two;
Around The Ears and Buckling

In this two part series on bridling a horse, you've got the bit in his mouth and are ready to place the crown piece over his ears.

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So to review, at this point of bridling, now you'll complete the bitting by pulling gently up with your right hand to get the bit into the right place in his mouth.

  • Now you will gently bend each ear forward starting with the right one, and slip the crown piece and throatlatch behind his ear to the poll. The browband will stay in front across his forehead.

Do NOT bend the ears backwards, it is uncomfortable for your horse and will make finishing bridling very difficult

    Here you can see the left ear being pushed forward. It is just coming out with the crown piece now at the poll.

  • Now you'll make any adjustments needed to the browband on both sides to make sure it sits just below the ears as shown.
  • Then you'll reach under the neck to get the throatlatch strap and then thread it through the buckle.

    Fasten the buckle and put it through the keeper

When fastening the throat latch buckle, take care that it isn't too tight. The horse's wind pipe is just behind his cheek bone and if this strap is too tight it could restrict his breathing. 

Then you will finish by buckling the noseband if there is one. The cavesson should thread under the side pieces that hook to the bit, and you should be able to fit one or two fingers under it.

A good guideline is to make sure that you can fit your fist through the throat latch strap when buckled.

This is what it should look like when you are done bridling a horse. Notice there are no twists in the leather, no pieces at or near his eyes.

Now you are ready to ride if you've already saddled and done some groundwork to make sure you horse is ready.

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