Black Horse Picture:
Different Breeds, Same Color

The black horse picture below shows the stark contrast between the color of the animal and the snowy landscape.

It is a striking winter picture with the glare of the sun behind. Horses tend to love lower temperatures and a good romp and play in the snow! As you can see this guy is kicking up some powder along the way!

This lovely dark equine in the picture below is probably one of the most famous breeds. The Friesian has starred in movies such as "Ladyhawk" and of course many others set in medieval times.  You can see and read more about this special breed here.

This is a black with a white blaze, and probably closer to a black bay color, which is a dark, dark brown that looks black.

  • True black is a recessive (not as common) coloring.
  • Some (but not all) black coloring easily bleaches to red under the hot summer sun. 

This mare is an adopted wild mustang that was captured off the west desert range of Utah in the early 1990's.

This cute picture is a Kentucky Mountain Horse. They are a gaited breed that is bred for an extremely smooth way of going.

Bred to take plantation owners across their vast tracts of land comfortably, these horses are popular show and trail mounts.

The most common expression of the black color gene in horses is where the horse only show points of the color such as on the legs and the mane and tail with a brown coat color. That is called a bay horse, and you can see more pictures of bay coloring on this page.

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