Bay Horse Pictures:
A Common But Beautiful Coat Coloring

In these bay horse pictures you will see a coat coloring that is common in the equine world. This coloring is expressed as varying shades of brown with a black mane, tail, points, and legs.

This sweet girl is a Quarter Horse that loves to get out on trail rides.

  • The bay color is found in many breeds of horses.
  •  One breed, the Cleveland Bay (opens in a new window) is named after this color and the place (Cleveland, England) where it originated.

Like the other pictures, this bay gelding is yet another breed. He is an older Arabian. Notice that they can still have white facial markings and socks on the legs. The points above the leg markings are still black.

This bay horse running is a wonderful sight. You can see his dark mane and tail flowing in the wind. You can also see his ebony legs.

The colorings found in these pictures are actually the most basic dilution gene on a black base coat color. It causes the body hair to turn brown while keeping the mane, tail, points and legs black.

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