Baby Horse Picture:
Soak Up The Cuteness!

Nothing captures your heart as much as a baby horse picture. Seeing the foals, colts, and fillies will warm your heart.

This young bay filly has just met this gelding for the first time in this picture. If you notice, she is moving her lips. A baby will do this when showing submission to an older herd mate or at a new introduction. She is saying

"I am just a baby, don't hurt me."

This cutie was a rescue from the Humane Society of the United States, and is being trained using natural horsemanship methods.

All that baby learns is from his mother and his other herd mates. Without this crucial learning, a foal will not grow up to have the social skills to survive in herd life.

I love in this picture how mom and little one seem to be sharing a special moment.

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