Arabian Horse Pictures:
The Beauty of An Ancient Breed

These Arabian horse pictures show virtually the same characteristics as the ancient Arabian. It is one of the purest and most ancient breeds whose origins can be traced back to approximately 1500BC.

Coming from somewhere in what is now modern day Syria, Iraq, Iran and other parts of the Arabian Peninsula this breed is said to have originated in the desert. So harsh were the living conditions of the Bedouin tribes and so highly valued were these steeds that they were said to reside in tents with the people.

Bred to

  • be quick
  • have superior stamina
  • be beautiful
  • bond strongly with people
  • with certain physical characteristics that have remained the same over time

these horses were kept under strict breeding practices to ensure their purity and characteristics.

Physical Characteristics

These Arabian horse pictures all show some of the distinguishing characteristics of its kind that have been selectively bred for since the beginning.

  • A bulging forehead known as "Jibbah."
  • A tail held high is thought to show pride
  • An arching neck with a high crest known as "Mitbah" seen to signify courage
  • A beautiful dished face

These traits are still seen today and make the breed easy to identify in pictures and in person. They have had little variance in breeding through the years.

Influence of the Arabian on Modern Breeds

The Arab is quite possibly the breed with the most influence on all other horses in history and you can see a piece of that in these and other pictures.

  • Did you know that these horses, specifically the Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arab, along with the Byerly Turk created the Thoroughbred?
  • The Arab went on through the Thoroughbred to influence all light breeds.

Fun Facts About the Arabian Horse

  • The first president of the USA, George Washington rode an Arabian
  • They are widely known for their superior ability in Endurance (long distance) rides
  • They were used in the U.S. Military, but their formal military background dates back to the 16th century
  • They are "hot blooded" which means they have a long flight distance

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