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Love Horseback Riding, Issue #001 -- An Opportunity Have YOUR Questions Answered
September 16, 2014
Dear Horsey Friends,

First Hello & My Apologies!

First I want to apologize to those of you on my list that have been subscribed for awhile without receiving anything. If you want to go, I will be sad to see you leave but can totally understand since it has been so long. I'll be honest. I have owned and ridden horses for close to 30 years now, but I have only been sharing that knowledge with you for the past 2 1/2 years at Some internal changes were made and I lost some of the information in the old format. This is my first website experience, and there has been a huge learning curve for me.

I hope you'll stick around though because there are exciting things in store at, including a way for you to ASK ME YOUR HORSE RELATED QUESTIONS FOR FREE in a one-on-one email/phone call/skype type environment. The answers may be featured on the site, or used to create more content for you.

Some Questions & A Goodie!

I am trying to bring a bit of focus to in order to bring you more of what YOU want to know! I know that quite a few of you are beginner riders, that is great! Part of the reason I have struggled with the newsletter is because I am not sure what you want to hear!

I would like to know more about you and your awesome equine friends (if you have one already, or if not what you want to know more about, too)

So, if you can answer all of these questions for me by replying to this email, I will offer you a FREE 10-15 MINUTE ONE ON ONE CONSULTATION. You can ask me anything about horses, horse behavior and/or riding and I will do my best to answer it!

So let's get to it!

1) Do you own a horse? What kind?

If not, do you take lessons or are you just learning about horses for the future?

2) How old are you? (put a range if you aren't comfortable using your exact age) and are you male or female?

3) What types of horse information would you like to see more of on (Be as specific as possible!) Riding, Training, Horse Care, Natural Horsemanship, Horse Behavior are a few ideas (there are more!), but be specific if you have certain areas you want to learn about!

4) What products would you like to learn more about or that you buy frequently that you would like featured at

5) Do you ride English/Western/Other? And how many years experience do you have riding?

6) What specific discipline do you ride (if any)? Or what is your favorite thing to do on horseback? (i.e. jump, dressage, trail ride, barrel race etc)

7) Are you a competitive rider, (and if so in what), or are you recreational rider? (or do you do both?)

8) What is the number one thing you buy consistently for you horse or your horseback riding (beyond hay and salt blocks!)

9) How often would you like to receive tips, news, etc from Lovehorsebackriding? This will help me determine how often I should write to you! (Weekly, Monthly, Every Other Month, Every Quarter?)

10) Is there anything on that you have personally used that made a difference with you and your horse? If so, what was it?

Is there anything else I should know?

You must answer all of the questions to be able to be qualified for your one-on one consult! When I receive your response I will get in touch with you via email to set up your appointment.

Thank you so much for visiting, and for subscribing to my newsletter. I hope to make it all that you YOU want it to be!

Tips - Horse Blanket Care

As the blanketing season comes upon us is your blanket in good repair and ready for those unpredictable wet and chilly nights? If not, now is the time to send your blanket in for laundering/repair or to visit your local laundromat.

-If you are taking a horse blanket to the laundromat yourself, be courteous and use a stiff brush (and a lot of elbow grease!) to remove as much hair/mud/dirt/manure as possible. Call ahead and make sure the facility accepts large horse blankets, and if they have a specific machine they want you to use.

-Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions. Failing to do so can cause your warranty to become void.

-I have always found that air drying works best and protects the longevity of waterproofing, and is less harsh on the fabric. Hang your blanket over a fence on a sunny day to let the sun's rays to naturally disinfect and dry your blanket.

-And for next year plan ahead: Spring is the best time to launder/repair/store blankets for the next cold season. This allows your blankets to be clean, mended, and stored properly. Proper care will help keep acidic manure, mud, and hair from shortening the life of your blanket, and will make it less likely for mold to form.

-The same is true for your summer sheets and fly sheets. As the warm season winds down, launder and store these items so they will be clean and ready for your horse next summer!

What's New

Have you checked out these fun, fabulous, and interesting horse facts? Horses are fascinating animals! Enjoy a quick read to find out more about our equine friends!

Also, with Christmas quickly coming up, now is a great time to get some awesome horsey pajamas either as a gift for yourself or that horse crazy girl you have in your life (aren't we all horse crazy?). You can learn more about these awesome girl's horse pajamas from my affiliate partner by clicking the link.

It's time to say goodbye to the #1 issue of's newsletter. By the way, why not help me name it? Feel free to send along your suggestions when you answer the questions that will get your some free horse advice from someone with almost 30 years in the industry.

I look forward to hearing from you and more importantly learning more about what I can do to help you in your horsey journey.

Until next time be sure to follow Lovehorsebackriding on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! Until then,

Happy Trails!


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