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Love Horseback Riding, Issue #013- Control The Hindquarters
October 01, 2015
Dear Horsey Friends,


I hope you are having a wonderful fall with your horse(s). Fall is such a nice time to hit the trails. Gorgeous scenery with the brilliant colors of the season as well as cooler temperatures and less bugs make it very appealing!

What's New

Do you know how to properly bridle your horse? Check out this step by step tutorial to help you along.

Learning: Hindquarter Control

Did you know if you control the hindquarters of your horse, that you control his body? A horse can’t run away (at least very easily) if you have control of his hindquarters. The hindquarters are the most powerful part of your horse.

If you try and stop your horse incorrectly, it actually makes him more powerful by engaging the hindquarters. Check out this article on stopping for more information.

To have control of the hindquarters you need to be able to move them freely either direction using your weight/leg aids and only using the reins if necessary.

When you apply pressure with just one leg, it should cause your horse to move away from that pressure.

So, if you are trying to move his hindquarters to the right, you would use your left leg as the aid in conjunction with the left rein.

If you move the nose around to the left, this also causes the hindquarters to move to the right.

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many horses don’t have this basic training.

Can you move your horse’s hindquarters each direction without using the reins? If not, you now have a goal to work towards.

This type of aid can cause your horse to downward transition. This is a great basic tool for every horseman to know and teach their horse.

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