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Love Horseback Riding, Issue #004 -Happy New Year & Goals
December 30, 2014
Dear Horsey Friends,


The New Year is swiftly on its way! We’ve passed the darkest day of the year (winter solstice) and are creeping our way every so slightly towards longer days. The upcoming New Year is a great time to both reflect back on the past year with your horse, as well as looking ahead and setting goals for 2015.

What's New

Didn’t get the perfect saddle for Christmas? Why not check out these Western Saddles of all types from my affiliate partner. I’ve highlighted some of the most popular brands and styles such as Circle Y and Billy Cook.

Also, do you want to improve your riding? Why not check out these simple tips?

Reader Question- How Do I Get My Horse to Follow Me?

Q-Aamer writes "I have a three year old white horse that I want to teach to follow me. What can I do to teach my horse to follow me?"

A- You need to think about your relationship with your horse. What do you give him that HE likes, such as food, treats, love, scratches, etc. Often times we as riders “take” a lot. We show up and just want to ride/show/go somewhere.

Once you identify what he likes, you can build on that with those things, he'll be more likely to follow you. 

Building the type of relationship where he trusts you, and WANTS to be with you is stronger than any rope (or even any treat)! If your horse trusts you, respects your leadership, and looks to you for answers, you will find him following you more often than not!

Check out the video on my About Me page for an example of a great relationship. It is me and my horse, Duck. You'll notice in much of it we don't have any ropes at all, and she follows me at any speed. She follows not because she has to, but because she wants to. There is a key difference.

Setting Riding Goals

And on another note for the New Year, what are your goals with your horse and your riding? Writing down goals that are specific, yet measurable will help keep you on track in your horsemanship.

For instance, just saying “I want to be a better rider”, isn’t measurable. How can you quantify if you are getting better?

Break it down and focus on those areas you know need improvement, and specific ways you can target them. Then, put a timeline to it. “I will be able to do “X” by “this time.”

Be sure to check in on the progress of your goals frequently! Having an accountability buddy can be a great help. And don’t worry if you fail, the only true failure comes in not trying. Goals can always be adjusted!

If you aren’t sure what you need to work on, ask your trainer or another trusted friend that knows you and your horse.

Have more questions? I am available for coaching for $49usd/hr. I can answer your emails, phone coaching or even on Skype. Reply to this email to book your session.

Happy New Year. I hope 2015 brings lots of fun and adventures with your equine friends, and I hope to hear all about them.

Remember to visit directly or on social media at Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! Until then,

Happy Trails!


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